About Us

Towns, Parishes and Flood Action Groups

Our Aims

Exchange information among members on issues in our own catchments to improve how we help communities prepare for/recover from flooding

Act as a point of contact between West Somerset communities and Flood Risk Management Authorities*

Raise awareness of flooding in West Somerset, both within the district and beyond

Make sure that West Somerset is not forgotten in the allocation of resources to address flooding

*Risk Management Authorities for West Somerset: Environment Agency, Somerset County Council (Lead Local Flood Authority), Somerset West and Taunton Council, Wessex Water and the Somerset Internal Drainage Boards

The best time to make friends is before you need them



Chair: Teresa Bridgeman (Old Cleeve Parish Flood Group)

Deputy Chair: Graham Haw (Horner and Allerford Flood Group)

Treasurer: Andy Kingston-James (Minehead Town Council)

Minutes Secretary: Brenda Maitland-Walker (Carhampton Parish Council)

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